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FWDThinking Series Episode 4: The Tyranny of Analytics

FWDThinking Series 09-10-2020

The FWDThinking series is a partnership between the CSPS Digital Academy and FWD50 organizers. This episode features Alistair Croll as both host and participant, along with Cori Zarek and Kate Tarling. It's an expanded discussion of Pia Andrews' comment in Episode 1:

“Everything comes down to efficiencies or effectiveness or throughput, and the challenge is that actual success for systems that we build—particularly public sector systems [and] public services—should ultimately be measured in their human impact.”

Read the full transcript here.

Learn to give "better" a shape

When we’re trying to design and build good services, things tend to go wrong in these 3 areas:

1) When we frame the problem, or fail to do this well

2) When we get user research insight but then fail to use it identify what might be good ideas or approaches, and

3) when we’re building something to address that problem - and how we don’t lose the original intent during the momentum of build.

This presentation is being shared with permission from Kate Tarling and Ayesha Moarif.

View the presentation with speaking notes.

Honey Dacanay

Director, Digital Academy | Bureaucracy hacker, connector of people and ideas