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Explaining Busrides.ca

Digital Transformation 12-10-2018

Episode 3

As we launch the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) Digital Academy, one of the most frequent questions we get is around the purpose of the new web property we are building – busrides.ca and trajetsenbus.ca.

Well, to explain Busrides we need to first explain a little about the CSPS Digital Academy. Our mission is to develop and support a digital innovation ecosystem within the public service, primarily focused on the Government of Canada (GC).

To do this we have three product streams, each with different content, each targeting a different audience:

  • The Leadership product targets the executive leadership of the GC, a relatively small number of people with specialized requirements.
  • The Premium product provides certification and ongoing training in industry best practices and technology innovation. It targets project leaders and technical practitioners, a significantly larger segment.
  • The Digital Foundations product addresses ALL 250,000 employees of the GC with timely information about what is happening in the world of digital that will affect how they do their job and even live their lives.

Seriously, 250,000 is too big and too diverse an audience to reach with traditional classroom training and courseware; the CSPS Digital Academy needs a very effective engagement platform to reach you, our audience, in such a way that you want to participate…and seek to learn more.

That’s why we built Busrides. It provides timely information to Canadians in the format and language of their choice. Its purpose is to provide the listener with a sense of possibilities and to create demand for more information.

It’s called “Busrides” because each episode is short (less than 15 minutes) and consumable when the user has time – like when they are commuting to work on a bus.

Each episode is a test – a “minimally viable product” – that is meant to evaluate some critical aspect of the platform.

Every two weeks we iterate on the technology platform, content strategies, delivery mechanisms and promotion best practices.

This experimentation will continue. We will always be testing and optimizing to ensure that we have the broad reach, deep engagement and positive learning outcomes.

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