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Virtual Meetings

Going Remote Guide 03-26-2020

Episode 25

Virtual meetings are an important part of remote work; they are the lifeline to our teams, the link to collaboration, and often the only opportunity for face to face interaction. However, virtual meetings can also be the thorn in our side and the cause for frustration. It is therefore important to consider how virtual meetings are run in your team so that they serve as a benefit and not a drawback.


  1. Choose the right tool and test it in advance.
  2. Use video to promote face to face interaction, but always include an audio line as a back-up.
  3. Stick to the meeting basics - set an agenda, share any presentation material in advance, and offer pauses for people to chime in.
  4. If there is a chat function, make sure you or someone in your team is monitoring and acknowledging comments. You may want to call on people to speak as a follow-up to their feedback.
  5. Remind your team to mute when not speaking to avoid unnecessary distractions.

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