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For Managers

Going Remote Guide 03-26-2020

Episode 22

Managing a remote team can feel both entirely new and a departure from the status quo. While some managers have been integrating remote work for years, others may be managing remote teams for the very first time. Don’t worry … you’re not alone!

In fact, navigating remote work can be entirely new for both managers and employees. As such, managers can relatively quickly and inexpensively do things to ease this transition.


  1. Establish trust.
  2. Establish daily check-ins as a team, and weekly check-ins with individual team members (or more frequently).
  3. Provide regular and transparent communications; be sure to establish what communication channels will be used and how.
  4. Establish rules of engagement - how will technology be used to support workflow?
  5. Encourage opportunities for social interaction outside work priorities - weekend catch-up, pizza parties (it’s possible!), charades (you’ll thank us for trying this!)
  6. Consider cybersecurity concerns and share important updates and security details with staff.
  7. Don’t forget to recognize employees so their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Additional Resources for Managing Remote Teams

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