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About Us

Everyone is guessing. The skills required for many of today’s jobs are not necessarily those that will be central to tomorrow’s requirements and opportunities.

At the Canada School of Public Service Digital Academy, we all come to work every day because we want to help Public Servants solve the biggest problem we face today in government: how to keep pace with the digital transformation happening around us.

Our mission with Busrides.ca is to broaden and deepen digital literacy. We want to give all public servants a basic and shared conceptualization of a Government of Canada digital lens. We design each episode around short learning objectives on digital topics that appeal to multiple learning styles. These episodes are not intended to develop hard skills, but to recognize the potential application and utility of digital skills in the Government of Canada.

By providing tangible takeaways, Busrides.ca promotes a collaborative learning culture and encourages learners to share their experiences with peers in an informal manner.

In the fall of 2019, we surveyed nearly 300 public servants to determine how Busrides could provide a unique learning experience that raises digital awareness in the Government of Canada context. The results are a major signal to us as to what we need to write about. View the results here:

                                         Guest Writers

Interested in writing or sharing content for busrides.ca?

Busrides offers quick, relevant resources that enable public servants to challenge themselves, empower their teams, and be “in the know” on cutting-edge ideas, methods and practices related to digital technology and government. With over 250,000 public servants in Canada’s federal public service, no one can confidently say that they’re aware of what’s happening everywhere in government, let alone outside of government, including us! That’s why we need your help. We believe quality, crowdsourced content by public servants, for public servants, is the way to go.

What’s in it for me?

Busrides is a unique content platform with high visibility. Around X unique users visit us each month, and our profile is growing. As a guest writer, you’ll gain exposure and have an opportunity to interview relevant speakers on behalf of the Busrides brand. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and to use your subject matter expertise to help inform discussions and teach public servants about your work or teams.

Pitch us your idea!

The best pitches for Busrides:

  • Are less than 200 words
  • Are relevant to most public servants
  • Tie into one of the following themes: Digital Transformation, Data, Cyber Security, Cloud, Agile, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Contains information that can be shared with the Canadian public
  • Recommend tools, philosophies or perspectives a person could use to improve themselves, their team or government as a whole
  • Clearly indicates if senior management (above the Director level) needs to approve the content before it can be published

Email your pitch to csps.digitalacademy-academiedunumerique.efpc@canada.ca, we’ll get back to you regarding your pitch within one week. If your pitch is successful, our team will work with you to develop your proposal into a finished episode.